Moorlands Primary School


Portrait Challenge
We would like you to have a go at some pencil portrait sketching this half term. One of Mrs McKinna’s friends has a daughter in year six at Reinwood who created some amazing drawings of actors as they looked in Year One at Hogwarts.
We usually do some lovely writing linked to ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ during the summer term in year six, so thought this task would tie in nicely to that. You will need A4 paper, a pencil and maybe a rubber and access to youtube.
The tutorials are by an artist who posts under the name ‘theartofbilly’. They are a couple of hours long per portrait, so we would suggest that you break the task down, perhaps aiming for 20 minutes a day or whatever you are comfortable with. Don’t forget to make a note of when you stop the video, so that you can pick up where you left off next time.
The following links are for two characters; Harry and Ron, but if you look at the list of videos on the artist’s channel there is a huge choice of other characters from Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts as well as stars such as Joe Wickes and Billy Eilish. Feel free to follow a tutorial for someone you are excited to draw! Don’t forget to email your class teacher(s) with a photo of how you get on, we can upload some to Twitter too! Happy sketching!

Harry Potter in year one at Hogwarts pencil sketch

Ron Weasley in year one at Hogwarts pencil sketch